What is Dim Mak

Dim Mak is the name of a technique that uses pressure points for striking vital areas of the body

What is Dim Mak Power Striking?

Dim Mak Power Strking is a set of Charts with instruction on how to hit Dim Mak Vital Points

What is the scientific fact for this, I’m a little skeptical?

Chinese and Japanese scientists and doctors have known for years how acupressure and acupuncture points affect the body. You can find a lot of data to suggest that these point do in fact work. The key however, is learning how to strike them properly. Which we teach.

Researchers in many different fields have realized the significance of the bodies ability to adapt to different types of stimuli and stress. By putting the body through specific exercises that are designed to build this energy body by increasing the pounds per square inch in the body as well as increasing the size and strength of the individual nerve fibers of the body, thus causing the body to be able to store as well as emit energy.

If this  is so real, why can’t I see more examples of it?

You can see more of it, by learn how to use these pressure points that are taught in our courses and following them on a daily basis. You can then prove these things to your self by having first hand knowledge of how these things work. As far as other examples, you don’t have to look very far as there are entire books, videos, reports, documentaries and other works on this type of specialized martial arts striking. The fact is, that if you want to find a reason why this is not real or doesn’t work, you will, and if you look for the possibilities you will find them as well. Do the research, do the work and you will find the reality of “Dim Mak Power Training”.

Do I Have to Study a Special Martial Art?

Not at all. We’ve designed the instruction to be used for any martial art. We show you specific ways to hit the points. Just use your favorite techniques to coordinate with the Dim Mak Points

How Long Will It Take to Get Good/

That depends on how much time you put in understanding the points, how to hit them and the drilling the methods over and over again. Experts in this field of fighting, generally study for many years to get proficient, however, you can learn how to pull off the basic level techniques with ease.

Do You Advise Hitting People With This Points?

No. We suggest you get a training dummy to mark the points and then practice on the dummy. Only with a certified instructor should you ever attempt to strike another person.

We Assume No Liability In You Using These Powerful Charts The Wrong Way– Only For Responsible Adults!

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