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Rapid Fire Striking & Multiple Target Hitting

Whenever we mention Rapid Fire Striking & Multiple Target Hitting this conjures up all kinds of images and concepts of how this works.

What is Rapid Fire Striking & Multiple Target Hitting, and how can you use it in your martial arts or fighting arsenal?

It is the skill of learning how to use multiple strikes in fighting, while at the same time using precision striking to specific targets. This allows a practitioner to be able to train with a specific intent in mind with regards to increasing their speed and hitting power.

Knowing how to hit hard is just as important as how to hit hard and fast. As most martial artists know there is a lot of study into how to deliver power. The Japanese deliver power by chambering the arm at the hip and using a full rotation….Although this may constitute power, when it comes to speed, this is a very slow delivery when you compare it to a boxer or JKD fighter…

Why do Karate guys very rarely win in boxing or MMA? The reason is that their method does not relate to that type of fighting….However, in the street, a Karate man, if properly trained can use his skills to the utmost.

Knowing where to hit is as important as how to hit hard and fast. When we created our Dim Mak course several years ago, it literally set the Dim Mak and Pressure Points crowd on their ear….Why?

Because our training methods very simply taught individuals how to get good at hitting pressure points….There is a difference between learning about pressure points, and it is a totally different game when you are in a real situation with using them…

So the bottom line is you need to know where to strike in order to be the most effective striker out there. In our program, we will show you in detailed instruction where, how and why to hit certain spots….

We then teach you how to hit them fast and hard, so you get extremely good results.

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