Self Defense Techniques

Self Defense Techniques

Can A Smaller Man Defeat the Larger Man?

This is one of the reasons why most people start doing the martial arts, is to protect themselves against bullies. I was once bullied when I was young so I got into martial arts. Most of the time, bullies are bigger and stronger than those they are bullying.

The fact is that the bigger man often times has the advantage in terms of size, and strength, but in most cases is not as fast as the smaller man. There are weight divisions in every form of combat, such as boxing, wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. The reason, is that two individuals equally trained, the larger and stronger man has the advantage.

This is a fact…..
So how does the smaller man defeat the larger one? It comes down to timing and learning how to control the fear factor of facing a larger, stronger, nastier opponent…

The Keys To Taking Out The Big Man:

1. Hitting First
2. Hitting Fast
3. Keep Hitting
4. Knowing Where to Hit
5. Controlling Fear

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