Dim Mak and Chi Power

Dim Mak and Chi Power

Dim Mak’s gain is enabling one to become a better fighter even as you get older. It was created to allow a weaker, older, slower practitioner to defeat a stronger, younger and faster aggressor. You can just imagine how much more effective you will be if you integrate Dim Mak principles into your current fighting method or self defense curriculum.

Dim Mak focuses on accuracy, timing, and efficiency’ when delivering a effective blow in self defense. As one gets older, we naturally tend to lose speed, power and agility, however with correct training, accuracy and efficiency you can improve with age and experience thus putting the odds back in your advantage. Once an individual will practice this style, he/she will learn how to increase power at least ten times or more.

We teach methods on how you can become a faster striker, but our training would not be complete if we did not teach the more esoteric concepts of using Chi Power in order to increase your speed and power. Adding Chi Power to the training is equivalent to adding steroids to your weight lifting regimen.

The Chi Power Training builds up your nerve fibers and creates an energetic sensitivity that allow you to increase your natural speed at an alarming rate. This however, is dedication that requires daily and diligent training.

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